Cantine Riondo


Cantine Riondo

In the municipalities of Soave and Monteforte d’Alpone we find the original and most ancient area of the production of Soave, known as the “historic area”.

The grapes of this area, particularly suited to the production of top-quality still and sparkling wines thanks to the incomparable microclimate, manage to obtain the ideal degree of maturation and a blend of bouquets and flavors that are worth an adjective that distinguishes them even above the very DOC wines. Whenever we speak about the Soave of Monteforte d’Alpone we are speaking for antonomasia about Soave Classico.

And it is here, in the heart of the Soave production area that the Cantine Riondo are located, and where you can admire the hillsides etched with vineyards cultivated with loving care. This is a dynamic winery, a leader in modern production technologies, with a set-up that allows for operating at the highest quality levels. A winery that with its selected range of naturally fermented still and sparkling wines ably expresses the territory it forms part of.

Born in 1999 Cantine Riondo is today part of COLLIS Veneto Wine Group, a consortium between the cooperative wineries of Colognola ai Colli and Lonigo.

The cooperatives have bought the 50% of Riondo each, designating Mr. Graziano Aldegheri as President. He is also President of Cantina di Colognola ai Colli and of the Consortium of the cooperative wineries of Verona.

The project of enlarging the premises of Cantine Riondo with other 1.800 square meters has given to Via Cappuccini warehouse new offices, a new stock dept., a wine shop and the development of the bottling lines, together with the Head Quarter of COLLIS.

Cantine Riondo has a wide presence in the market with wines and sparkling wines that come from Veneto area. However the acquisition from the two wineries has the object to create a chain from the vineyard to the marketing of the wines, linking the power of the 800 wine makers of Cantina di Colognola ai Colli and the 3000 of Lonigo together with the bottling capacity and Riondo brand. With this new ownership Cantine Riondo has become part of one of the biggest cooperative group in the wine field. In 2009 also Vinea Srl was bought by Cantine Riondo. Thanks to this acquisition now Cantine Riondo enlarged the portfolio and the penetration in different markets like Scandinavia and Asia.

Now also products like Amarone and Ripasso are available in the std price list. The company has an area of 16.000 square meters, of which 6.200 are premises. Warehousing capacity is of 29.500 Hectoliters, 17.300 of which in tanks for the production of wines, sparkling and semi-sparkling wines and wine-based cocktail. Annual production capacity is of 7 million bottles. There are two bottling lines that are able to bottle different bottles’ shape, from 187 ml to 75 cl. Moreover Cantine Riondo has machinery to put “Sleevers” on the bottles’ body.