Cantinie Paolo Leo

Cantinie Paolo Leo

Paolo Leo’s wonderful business idea, the historical Vinagri winery is established in the heart of Salento in Puglia. He is the owner and has been running it since 1989.

Paolo Leo’s objective is to preserve all the old wine-making traditions and reproduce the tastes and flavours of the past. The result is a wine of constant and high quality. You will quickly see for yourself the passion which inspires this family-run business since the early 1900’s which merges with the idea of a modern vineyard maintaining all the typical characteristics of the surrounding territory.

The Wines

The vineyard has always distinguished itself by maintaining a high respect for nature, applying the wine-making processes wisely, paying particular attention to the knowledge and use of modern wine-making technology. Our wines are the result of a careful wine-making method respecting the peculiarities of vineyards.

When it is time to carry out the grape harvest, grapes are first analysed for ripening when they are still on the vine. They are only picked when they have reached the optimal ripening stage.
They are subsequently pressed with a modern gentle pressing system.

The Production

Paolo Leo has been producing high-quality D.O.C. and I.G.T. wines for over 10 years and has thus greatly contributed to the appreciation of local vines which have always been a strong feature of Salento’s landscape.