Femar Vini

Femar Vini

The FEMAR VINI Farm Company lies on the southeast ridge of the sunny hill which starts where the boundaries of Frascati, Monte Porzio Catone and the Agro Romano meet.

The Farm Company was renovated with a philosophy based on the search for the absolute best quality, and it achieved decidedly prestigious targets within a decade, secure in the knowledge that it is based in an area which repays the efforts of those who work with serious intent.

The Company was founded in the 1970s by Armando Merge.

Following in the centuries-old family tradition, his son, Felice Mergè, after having observed and studied in depth the most interesting National and International wine producing companies, was able to develop his own distinctive style by experimenting with new, revolutionary processes of wine making and product maturation which have propelled FEMAR VINI to its current qualitative levels.

FEMAR VINI owns approximately 40 hectares of vineyards and can count on the grapes and wines provided by the associated farms, thus ensuring that the company is able to diversify the range of products it presents to its clientele.

From a technical viewpoint, the cellar spreads over approximately 6,000 square metres and has two working units: one is equipped with stainless steel containers for maturation and storage covering a spacious area where particular attention has been paid to cold technology and which also includes a very modern bottling line and a sophisticated testing laboratory; the other unit is intended to house an experimental underground tufa cellar containing more than 800 barriques and has sectors reserved for the huge conical casks of Slavonian oak for red wines as well as for white wines of particular structure.

In this way the Company has taken up, and won, the challenge of uniting production requirements with the most advanced technology, in a unique and far-sighted project