Our Establishment

To allow the development of wines of the highest quality, the House of Arnoux & Sons was able to combine the know-how acquired over many generations with modern technical equipment and much investment :
– Maturing galleries dug into rock containing 25.000 bottles
– 20 Oak maturing casks
– Air conditioned storage
– Harvest reception with crushing and de-stemming
– Rinsing facility to optimise sanitary conditions
– A 4 headed corking machine which corks under vacuum to optimise our bottling
– Bottling done under Laminar Air Flow sterile air conditions
– Implementation of new European sanitary laws in bottling plant

Aside from these investements, the House of Arnoux & Sons adopted the HACCP quality standard.


The Harvesting and Winemaking

The diversity of the vine types, given their nature and the climate, obliges us to harvest over a long period. The harvest starts on the 15th September with the Syrah and finishes with the Mourvèdre on the 15th October. During this time, we continue with the painstaking process of making our wines according to our vast experience, which gives birth to veritable nectar.
– Scrupulous selection process (optimum maturity of healthy grapes).
– Crushing and de-stemming
– Winemaking process in cement or stainless steel tanks.
– Maceration of 7-10 days to optimise the fruit and get a concentrated wine.
– Cold maceration of rosés and white wines to preserve the various aromas of the vine types.
– Soft pressing.
– Maturing in oak barrels for certain vintages.
– Refining and maturing in our maturing galleries.

An ever-increasing notoriety

n the past, we were little known except to a chosen few; the fruits of our labour have at last shown results. Today, our wines distinguish themselves on all fronts, on all tables and are compensated by many distinctions. This is just reward for the know-how acquired over many generations.