Cave les Coteaux Visan

Cave les Coteaux Visan

Standing against the Alpine foreland, Visan vineyard spreads over 2060 hectares situated on the commune. From the top of the hills to the plain, it covers half of the village territory. The combination of clay ,pebbles and chalk, the hillsides slopes, the various opening of the parcels to lightness and wind are at the origins of the subtle range of Visan wines.

“Les Coteaux” de Visan cellar benefits from all the nuances of this clay and chalk soil, which is bathed in sunlight and swept by the mistral wind.

The stamp of Grenache which is the sovereign grape-variety in the Rhône Valley is prevailing in Visan. It gives “Les coteaux” de Visan wines fullness, generosity and their aromatic character rich with red fruit, spices and liquorice notes.

The Syrah grape, which is the main associate of Grenache grape, has a beautiful colour, deep red with purple glints and also a wide range of aroma where we can find little black fruit, peppermint, liquorice, coffee and black pepper.

The Mourvèdre grape perfects this harmony by its colour, its black fruit and undergrowth aroma and its structure helps red wines to age well.

The Cinsault grape, the oldest vines of which have been kept, brings elegance and fineness to the wines.

These four grape varieties are also blended to make rosé wines.

At their sides, the white grape varieties enrich the range of Visan wines.

White Grenache is the main white grape variety. It gives white wines roundness, length in mouth and white flowers and white fruit notes.
It is blended with Clairette and Bourboulenc, two similar grape varieties which give a pleasant freshness and rose, acacia, white peach and exotic fruit aroma.

And the last one,Viognier brings the cuvées an exceptional high touch with its complex aroma and violet, honey, apricot and hawthorn. Unctuous in mouth, it gives them structure and helps to ageing.