It was back in the post war period when the Santero brothers Leopoldo, Renzo, Aldo and Adelio, following their father’s footsteps, consolidated their entrepreneurial spirit.

In 1958 they purchased and started a winery placed in Santo Stefano Belbo. Their dream came true: they equipped the winery for the production of sparkling wines and classic Piedmontese wines.

The adventure continues: the structures are improved, new clients are acquired, new markets open up and business is carried out abroad with great attention to market needs.

In 1977 an up-to-date plant, the actual premises of the Company, was opened on an area of more than 18.000 square metres situated next to the birthplace of the writer Cesare Pavese.
The factory does not process only the grapes grown at the 5 Santero’s wine farms, for a total of 60 Ha, but also the grapes bought from over three hundred local winegrowers.

The winery Santero’s majestic and extremely modern vinification plant occupies 18,000 metres with a stock holding capacity of 120,000 hls of which 70,000 are temperature controlled.

The laboratory is particularly well equipped and can ensure consistent and vigorous quality control procedures which all product undergo.
The most up-to-date tecnological systems are used to analyze musts as well as wines.

The production capacity of the winery is in excess of 20 million bottles per annum which is above all due to the strong presence of the main export markets.